Have you tried Acupuncture?

22 11 2011
Acupuncture therapy - at Aspire Health and Beauty

Acupuncture therapy - at Aspire Health and Beauty

Many physical, emotional and mental symptoms are often due to an imbalance of your body’s natural healing system. Acupuncture attempts to restore balance and help your body to get the upper hand on a problem.

Aspire Health and Beauty are now proud to offer the professional services of one of North Wales leading Acupuncture specialists.

We are also offering a very special treatment fee which includes the traditional diagnosis and the first treatment (approx 2hrs) for only £40

Follow on treatments (1hr) for only £30

You can also save £30 on a course of 6 treatments which is only £150.

For more information on Acupuncture please contact Aspire on 01492 877446 or email beauty@aspirehealthandbeauty.co.uk